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So I'm not going to give you this huge, long, drawn out sales speech.

You want to know, right here, right now, if this ebook can help you drive traffic to your website, because without traffic, you don't makes sales, or get to be well known.

This is my story.

Back when I first started learning how to market stuff on the web, I started keeping a list of ways to drive web traffic to my websites. I was planning to build a lot of sales sites, and I needed traffic.

So I started keeping a list, and every time I came across a new way to attract hits, I wrote it down. Whether it was something random I came across somewhere, something off the wall that I dreamed out of the blue, or a genius method I learned from a professional marketer, I kept track. (And no, it's NOT all just SEO techniques! SEO is only one small piece of the bigger puzzle.)

And I tried them too. I had sites that went from zero hits a day, to lots more than that, for very little effort.

Before long, my list was over a 115 items long. Then I realized I was sitting on something important. If I could fill in some details of each item, and explain each one, I had something that a lot of other people could benefit from also. Why make everyone else recreate the wheel too?

So here's the final result. It's not just a short report, but a full length ebook discussing and detailing over 115 ways to generate traffic and interest in your website.

I also priced it cheap, but not free, for two reasons. And believe me, for the work I put into researching and writing it, and for the traffic and/or sales increase that this information could generate for you, this price is a steal.

Only $19 for the ebook download that you could be reading and using less than five minutes from now
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1. This price is cheap enough for anyone just getting started with web marketing or traffic generation.

2. If a person isn't willing to spend this price for the information, they prolly aren't going to use the info anyway...

Look at it this way. What is your time worth? How many hours will this $19 save you, hours you would otherwise spend recreating this list? What pay rate are you willing to settle for? (And everyone creates their own list, sooner or later, if they're serious about selling something or generating interest in a popular site on the web). You will spend more money than this the next time you take someone special out to eat! Invest in yourself and your future. Why wait on a good thing?

So please order your copy right now, don't waste any more of your own time, and get a running start on driving traffic to your site today! It boils down to this: either start getting hits immediately, or procrastinate and waste time relearning everything this ebook could teach you, and delay your success for some unknown future date down the road.

It's your choice. Make it a good one.

Bonus Offer

The "Web Traffic in 30 Days" ebook, huge savings offer...

Buyers of the '101+ Web Traffic Generators' ebook (updated to '115+ Web Traffic Generators') will get a one time chance to buy the companion book to this one, the book at a huge discount, to get a more in-depth scoop on 30 of the traffic generation methods listed in this book, but laid out in a 30 day marketing plan GUARANTEED to boost your website's traffic and daily visitor count.
Here's some of what you'll find in
 "Web Traffic in 30 Days"

  • In depth methods to generate web traffic and promote your site...
  • You'll actually put into practice some simple, cheap (or free!) ways to advertise can bring you an automated flood of new customers...
  • You'll read a full primer on web marketing in general, definitions explained, and good SEO and website setup practices...
  • Learn or develop a new strategy every single day...

'Web traffic in 30 Days' represents another product found in EVERY professional Internet Marketers toolbag, the Marketing Plan.

It's how they put into practice what they know, in a methodical, step by step way... Use it to help you go farther, faster, and more efficiently in your next marketing plan...

Value: $19
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A Report: 'The Fastest Way to Ebay  Powerseller status'...

Thousands of people make a good living on ebay every day. And it's the Power Sellers that sell the most, make the most, and enjoy the best reputations and highest responses.

So how would you like PowerSeller status fast? It's like adding gasoline to a fire. It takes off!

This short little report (Fastest Way to Reach Ebay PowerSeller Status) details the fastest way I know of to attain that status fast. I had no idea how powerful this information was, and I've been an Ebay seller for years, and I had completely overlooked this option. I was amazed, to say the least. If I had had this information 10 years ago, I cringe to think of how much higher my income might be today.

And I'm going to give it to you for free as part of this offer when you buy, as an extension of one of the traffic generation methods I outline in the book.

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